Every day you are creating your life. The problem is...

that you forget that you are visionary and can influence what is happening in your life. You allow events outside of you to shape your life, even though those events may not bring you the life you want.

     You are creating what is happening in your life every moment of the day. At some point, you have thought about how you wanted your life to be in some area of your life and it happened: perhaps a desire for a certain job, relationship, vehicle, place to live, or travel. If this has happened to you, you might not have thought much about why things turned out the way they did. Perhaps you hadn't realized that deciding you preferred a particular future was instrumental in arriving at that future instead of someplace else. The point is, you have experienced wanting something to happen - and it did. This is what being an Everyday Visionary is all about.

     The trick is to always remember that you are visionary and to apply visioning to your life. If you're not living the life you most want, it is because you have not made your desired future conscious. Once you make the connection that you are an Everyday Visionary, you will begin to think of yourself as more powerful, creative, and courageous.

     You are constantly imagining what is going to happen or what you are going to do next. That can be as simple as, "What am I going to have for breakfast?" Thinking about breakfast precedes bringing together the resources - eggs, toast, coffee - and taking the actions necessary to make that happen. At some point in the future, minutes or hours from when you imagined breakfast, you are sitting at the table experiencing the satisfaction of the breakfast that you envisioned earlier. What you imagine or vision can be as mundane as breakfast or as grand as changing the world.

     If you want, you can vision something even bigger. You can imagine ending homelessness in your community. You can picture yourself handing the keys for an apartment to a family without a home. The vision precedes the actions that you take to bring about a desired future. Being an Everyday Visionary does not have to mean going to the moon or having a big house or a yacht, though that is possible. Being an Everyday Visionary is about creating a great life where you feel happier and fulfilled every day.


"You are completely unique.
There is no other like you.
You can always learn.
Trust your own mind.
Go after your greatest dreams.
You do make a difference.
The world needs the gifts that only you can bring."

    - Dawana Markova 1

1. Dawana Markova is a Ph.D. and author of I Will Not Die an Unlived Life: Reclaiming Purpose and Passion.

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