Visionary parenting

       Applying visionary skills to everyday parenting can make parenting easier, less controlling, and more fulfilling. My own parenting vision has been invaluable in my relationship with my children. The following is the vision that I have had for my role as a parent: To assist my children in becoming internally referenced, self-regulating, self-confident, and interdependent with others and the environment.

       This vision statement helps me to love my children unconditionally and not impose on them my expectations of who they should be. My parenting vision is to help them become the persons they want to be.

       In parenting, there are many gray-area issues that arise. When faced with difficult parenting moments, my vision has helped ground me in what is most important in my parenting role. My vision is a lens through which I discern choices that are in the best interests of my children and me.

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