Visionary service

       Many of us feel a desire to be of service to others. When we are being of service, we can feel a deep sense of fulfillment and personal well-being. Being an Everyday Visionary is a way to be of service in the world and to live a more fulfilling life.28

       We live in an exciting and challenging time with many important issues such as the environment, poverty, food and water shortages, disease, and terrorism.

       There is a need for Everyday Visionary leaders to address these issues.

       Each day, we all have the opportunity to create a preferred future and to be a visionary; that is, to see a possible future even though the resources may not be apparent to make it a reality. Some people have developed their visionary skills to a high level. Some well-known examples are John F. Kennedy (U.S. President, visionary of the lunar space program), Teddy Roosevelt (U.S. President, founder of the National Forest Service), and Gloria Steinem (advocate for women's equality and the Equal Rights Amendment).

       However, relatively unknown visionaries have championed other significant changes in the world. Some examples are Paul Hawken (green businessman, sustainable economy visionary), Vicki Robin (financial independence visionary, author of Your Money or Your Life), Ken Jaray (founder of the Pikes Peak Challenge and other community organizations), and Frances Moore Lappe (hunger and political policy visionary, author of Diet for a Small Planet).

       The world needs people who can see possibilities that make the world better and who believe so deeply in something that they create a compelling image of a desired future that inspires others. The power to do so is always within your reach. The world needs visionaries who can paint a picture for others about what the future can be like. These visionaries attract people willing to commit their energy and resources in an effort to convert powerful visions into reality.

       When you create a vision of how to be of service, you are at the beginning of a journey to make a positive difference in the world. You will also benefit from this journey because you will gain feelings of personal fulfillment, happiness and wellbeing along the way.


28. J. Walljasper & J. Spayde, Visionaries: People and Ideas to Change Your Life (Gabriola Island, BC, Canada: New Society Publishers, 2001).

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